Packempfehlung Hochtouren Westalpen

Since we have just returned from our tours in the Western Alps, we thought we would give you a little recommendation for your own tours: Tauern-Sports packing recommendation for high-altitude tours like ours!

Rochefort Ridge

As basic equipment for such an adventure we definitely recommend taking with you:

• Crampons
• Appropriate footwear
• Gaiters
• Alpine touring trousers + rain trousers
• lightweight mountaineering harness
• 3-4 screw carabiners, 2 snap carabiners, 1 safelock carabiner, ice screws and friends depending on the tour, at least 2 cords with at least 3 meters and 1 cord with at least 1 meter (short Prusik), 2-3 slings that can be used as head slings or for building a belay station, express slings as required
• Mountaineering ice axe or ice tool: choose according to your preference and needs
• Possibly hiking poles for walking
• 2-3 pairs of gloves (from/to - depending on preference and needs)
• Insulation layer (Primaloft or down jacket)
• Hardshell/Gore-Tex jacket
• Headgear: headband or hood
• Highly darkening sunglasses with side coverage (snow reflection, side and lower angle of incidence)
• Climbing helmet (depending on the tour)
• Bivouac sack, complete first aid kit including any medication for nausea/headache/illness, Sam-Splint
• Rope (length depends on tour, Western Alps 50m)
• Navigation instruments (map, GPS device, GPS watch, mobile phone)
• Sleeping bag for overnight stays in a hut, sleeping bag and sleeping mat for bivouacking
• Charging cable (for longer tours possibly also for headlamp and GPS)
• Sufficient liquid (at least 1 litre, depending on the tour) - our recommendation: not only water, possibly add salt, nutrients, sugar
• Provisions: Nutrient-rich bars, chocolate/gummy bears (sugar suppliers), sandwich
• Personal hygiene items: toothbrush/toothpaste, lip balm, sunscreen with high sun protection factor, small towel, tissues, etc. (as compressed as possible)
• Expert tip: Duct tape, cable ties, garbage bags

Of course, this is just a small recommendation from us and depending on the tour and conditions or your own needs, you can add things.

In any case, we hope to be able to give you a little pointer as a guide and if you need anything else: You know where to get the best equipment @TAUERN-SPORTS ;-)