Material Reviews & Vergleiche

To stand firmly on the rock/ice/snow, let's start with our mountain boot review:

La Sportiva G-Tech:
This mountain boot keeps what it promises!

Completely waterproof and built-in gaiters - so it keeps your feet as dry as possible. Thanks to the built-in Boa system, it adapts perfectly to your foot and offers maximum comfort! A shoe for mountaineering, ice climbing or ridge climbing - the shoe is very light to avoid weight and carries you on your next adventure.

Scarpa Ribelle HD:

With its very soft comfort, this shoe adapts very well to your foot. The rather flexible model offers surefootedness for hikes but also for mountaineering and ridge climbing. It is also perfect for easy ice passages. An all-rounder that does not disappoint!

We also have a short summary for you when it comes to bivouacking:

When it comes to sleeping mats, we compared the Termarest sleeping mat with the Exped Flatmax sleeping mat , which is available in the shop, and the latter won us over! The Exped Flatmax sleeping mat can be stowed away smaller and more compactly, so it doesn't get in the way - attached to your backpack - on narrow climbing passages. It is of course not as compact as the inflatable models, but it is safe to say that you are sleeping on soft ground - because if an inflatable mat gets a hole in it, you can expect a rather rough night!

Glacier and climbing harness tip:

Once Blue Ice Choucas Pro , always Blue Ice Choucas Pro!
A super light harness that still gives you great support - for example when abseiling! With its 2 material loops on each side, you can store all your utensils neatly and easily - there's room for everything you need!

Backpack - everything safely stowed away?

Alex used the Exped Serac (25l) in the Western Alps and was absolutely thrilled and satisfied: space for everything you need (we pack as lightly as possible anyway!). This backpack is also water-repellent and extremely robust - ridge walkers take note! The side zipper allows you to get to the items you are looking for quickly and easily. Despite its robust construction, the backpack is very comfortable to carry.

Anja chose her Blue Ice Yagi daypack (35l) , which has more space than the Exped Serac with 25 liters. This meant that everything she needed had space and the three different bags meant that the backpack was always organized. It is not waterproof, so you have to be a little careful. The many loops on the outside mean that all the equipment you need is within easy reach. This backpack also has a side zipper for quicker handling! The comfort here is also simply TOP!

Good grip thanks to Petzl Irvis vs. Varsak crampons:

It can be noted here that the 10-point crampons ( Petzl Irvis) are also ideal for mountaineers with shoe sizes up to about 43-44. Whether on ice or rock - you won't lack sure-footedness with these crampons!

The Petzl Varsak crampons are perfect for larger feet, because if the bar length is longer, you'll probably prefer 12-point crampons.

Whether 10- or 12-point, Petzl has done a great job with their models and you can trust their expertise here!

Keep your hands and fingers warm - Gloves:

For tours like this, we recommend taking enough spare gloves with you - we always had three pairs of gloves with us to avoid wet, cold fingers. Because once the dew point is reached, it gets wet - and therefore cold!

Here are our reviews:

Hestra Woman's Patrol Gauntlet: very warm, mitten, for easy descent or summit rest ;-)

Hestra Ergo Grip CZone: ice climbing gloves, very robust, long glove, thus water-repellent up to the middle of the forearm - great for ridge tours or wall tours

Hestra Ergo Grip CZone Tactility Short: ice climbing gloves, very robust, shorter and therefore better freedom of movement

Hestra Ergo Grip Active 5: thin, for hot days and climbs, not waterproof - nevertheless very comfortable for glacier tours, very comfortable to wear and freedom of movement, not really suitable for rock climbing

For the very best view - glasses:

Anja wore the Alpina RAM Q lite V in the Western Alps and was completely thrilled: It adapts extremely well to the environment thanks to the built-in light/dark adjustment. This also means that it can be used in the morning hours and protects against wind and weather. It also protects your eyes from snow radiation and very strong sunlight without darkening your vision too much.

The ever-faithful companion - pimples:

It doesn't always have to be a heavy ice tool: The Petzl Gully Ice Axe with Trigrest is perfect for ice passages, but can also be used as a walking ice axe on snow and firn ridges. It is compact, handy and small, so it fits on any backpack!

Petzl Gully

Light up my night - Headlamp:

We can highly recommend the Petzl Nao RL . The Reactive Light dims the light when it comes into contact with bright or reflective objects, saving you precious electricity - this is a huge advantage, especially on long tours lasting several days! With 3 different light intensities, this headlamp adapts perfectly to the conditions and you can start as early as you want!

Petzl Nao RL

Keep it dry - gaiters:

The very handy and small La Sportive Protector Gaiters fit into every backpack, no matter how small! Despite their handy size, they are highly water-repellent and do not interfere with crampons. They can also be worn under Gore-Tex trousers between the snow guard and trousers to prevent snow or mud from getting into your mountain boots. A must-have for your high-altitude touring season!

La Sportiva Gaiters