HOCHTOUREN Gletscherkurs Grossvenediger

Last weekend we were able to hold another glacier course at the Kürsingerhütte. The participants were very motivated and we were able to enjoy another perfect few days.

Arrival on Friday was probably the most difficult undertaking of the weekend. Due to the public holiday, the roads were very busy, but thanks to the participants' excellent planning, everyone was able to reach us on time. After the equipment was handed out, we set off straight away and took the hut taxi to the Obersulzbachtal. The participants were all pretty fit, so we were at the hut straight away. After setting up camp, we immediately started planning the next few days. There was a huge rush to the hut on Saturday, so we went straight up the Großvenediger on Saturday. The view was sensational, and the conditions couldn't have been better, so we decided that after the climb (due to the participants' fitness, we were at the summit in under 4 hours), we would look for a crevasse and do a few exercises there. We were also able to rescue everyone safely from the crevasse.

We were pretty exhausted and were back at the hut at around 3 p.m. and were able to treat ourselves to a well-earned summit beer. After that we went through a bit of theory, but the weather didn't let us stay in the hut for long and we enjoyed the sunset. The next day we set off for the Bachmaier Spitze. Over the ridge to the summit and then back along the path to the next crevasse, where we intensively practiced what we had learned the day before. After that we wanted to climb the Keeskogel, but a rockfall prevented us from reaching the ridge, so we returned to the hut and went a little further in the climbing garden.

On Monday we packed up all our things again and went to the Obersulzbachkees to look for the next crevasse. We found a cave at the end of the glacier where we practiced the remaining glacier techniques and climbed over the Obersulzbach glacier towards the Großvenediger rope-up point. There a few cooled off by ice bathing in one of the "pools" there and we returned to the hut. After that we had to go straight back down to the taxi and thus 3 perfect days on the glacier, rock and on the peaks of the Hohe Tauern were history. The participants were able to take the necessary know-how with them and we wish everyone a wonderful tour and summit experience.