Dr. G - der Weg ist das Ziel

Hello enk! May I introduce myself: My name is Dr. G and I have been in my homeland, the mountains, since the beginning of time. Whether on Earth or in other far away galaxies. I did my Mountain Whisperer training long ago on a small celestial body in a related dimension. I have been here on earth for several centuries. I like it a lot, mind you. However, I realize that the people here need my help. The dangers of the untamed mountains should not be underestimated. For experienced, steely men and women who scale the mountains to taste freedom, I will collect gear, test it for fitness and only give positive criticism in good conscience. However, I would like to give you this advice in advance: Have respect for nature. Be aware that you too are a unique piece of nature. Realize every day what a gift she gives us and be thankful for her miracles.