Iris Flow Winterlandschaft


The time has come - winter is coming & the mountains are again covered with a blanket of white gold that brings us all so much joy - pure excitement!

And doesn't everyone know that? The very first ski tour of the year has melted in your mouth, but in the evening your legs hurt - ski tours are a different caliber and you can feel them for a few days: sore muscles, limp legs, cramps. But when a lot of powder falls from the sky and Mother Hulda blesses us with untouched lines, then you can't just stay at home because of tired legs! And this is exactly where you can prevent it with a few targeted exercises. “Yoga” is our keyword.

Yes, I know: The word yoga has a rather boring aftertaste - many say these "relaxation exercises" are not for them, they need action!

In this blog line, I'm going to smash exactly these prejudices and show you my favorite asanas!

We will sweat, bring our balance to the edge and we will simply do something incredibly good for our body, especially after a exhausting day on the mountain. Just give me a few minutes of your time and you will feel freer, more rested and lively - whether after a day on the mountain or in the office - stick with it and do something good for yourself and your body!

As a start, an asana (asana = yoga exercise) that opens up our hips after a long day of skiing (touring) and prevents shortening. Make sure you warm up a little bit - possibly with sun salutations. The description will come in the next blog post - stay tuned! ;-)

You sit on your mat with your back straight and place your legs at right angles in front of you. Almost like a very wide cross-legged. The ankle of one foot is slightly in front of the knee of the other and vice versa.

With each exhale, bend your torso a little further down. As you breathe in, your spine lengthens. Your back stays straight and you should feel a stretch in your hips. Your palms can either be on the soles of your feet or stretched out in front of you on the floor. Don't forget to change sides!

You should never feel a stretch in your knee and always make sure your legs and feet are active. Otherwise: Enjoy the pleasant stretching!

I'll be back soon with a new asana for you and until then: Enjoy the mountains, smile your heart out and flow through your day! Namaste.