Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Insulated Air Mat Large red

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The Comfort Plus Insulated Air Mat received the Backpacker Editors' Choice Award 2015 for the combination of Air Sprung Cell technology and two-layer comfort. With two independent layers of interlocking air chambers and our multifunction valve, the top can be perfectly adjusted and the bottom adapted to rough terrain. The built-in redundancy is what sets this mat apart - if one side of the mat is punctured, the other will still be functional until repairs are made. That means safety while you sleep. It is insulated with THERMOLITE and Exkin Platinum and thus ensures pleasant warmth.

Weight: 1,045 grams

Size: 201*64cm

Pack size: 12 x 26 cm

- Includes an Airstream pump integrated into the cloth bag for quick and easy inflation

- Air Sprung Cells adapts to your body shape and ensures a more even pressure distribution on the mattress for a more comfortable sleep

- Exkin Platinum heat technology reflects body heat

- THERMOLITE insulation is located inside the Air Sprung Cells to prevent convective heat loss from your body to the cold ground

- Multifunctional valve offers fast inflation, deflation and easy pressure adjustment for personal comfort

- Our TPU extrusion lamination is superior to the widely used roll-to-roll lamination, preventing delamination

- Comes with a repair kit including self-adhesive patches

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