Petzl NAO® RL headlamp

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Ergonomic, extremely powerful, rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 1500 lumens

Here comes the new must-have for trails and ultra trails! The rechargeable NAO® RL headlamp offers you a luminosity of 1500 lumens at a weight of only 145 grams. The comfortable headband can be easily adjusted and ensures optimal support on long and difficult tours. Thanks to REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, the luminosity automatically adapts to the brightness of the environment. Manual interventions are reduced and the lighting duration is optimized. The red light on the back of the head ensures that you can be seen from afar even in the dark.

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  • Extremely powerful and light: 1500 lumens with a weight of only 145 g.
  • Lighting for locomotion that automatically adjusts to the surrounding brightness:
    - wide, homogeneous light cone for a comfortable view in the immediate vicinity or in the area of ​​the feet,
    - combined beam of light (broad and focused) for vision in the immediate area and in the distance when moving,
    - three white light levels: MAX BURN TIME (maximum burn time), STANDARD (optimal ratio of luminosity/burn time) and MAX POWER (maximum luminosity),
    - longer burn time, better visual comfort and reduced manual intervention with the REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode: the luminosity and the shape of the light cone are automatically adjusted via a brightness sensor in order to optimize the battery life,
    - guaranteed minimum light duration of 5 hours in REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode (light level STANDARD) for long tours (trails, ultratrails, etc.),
    - Red steady or flashing light on the back of the lamp. It is switched on and off via a separate switch.
  • Ergonomic:
    - power source worn on the back of the head to distribute the weight of the lamp over the whole head and optimize wearing comfort,
    - thin, flexible carrier plate to adapt exactly to any head shape,
    - simple, quick adjustment at the back of the head,
    - additional upper headband for optimal hold,
    - 3200 mAh lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB Type-C port,
    - five-level LED display of the charge level for a precise control of the remaining battery life,
    - the R1 battery can be used as an emergency battery to charge other devices (phone, watch, etc.),
    - LOCK function to prevent accidental switching on during transport and when the lamp is not in use, or to lock the setting during activity,
    - reflective headband so that the user is visible in the dark,
    - Transport bag for lighting in lantern mode (in STANDARD mode) and for storing the lamp with an extra battery

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