Petzl ABSORBICA Compact energy absorber

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The ABSORBICA® is a compact energy absorber that is used in combination with the JANE lanyard for fall protection. The energy absorber is in a sleeve that can be opened at the ends. The fall absorber is thus protected from abrasion and can be checked regularly. There are two ways to connect it to the strap, depending on how frequently the user needs to clip and unclip it.

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  • Designed to be used with the JANE lanyard to obtain a fall arrest lanyard with a maximum length of two meters.
  • Absorbs the fall energy in a fall:
    - By tearing the shock absorber webbing, the impact force exerted on the user is reduced.
    - Suitable for users weighing between 50 and 140 kg (1).
    - The progressive rupture of the shock absorber reduces the g-forces exerted on lightweight individuals.
  • Minimum pack size: compact design so as not to obstruct the user.
  • The durable fabric cover with an opening system at the ends protects the energy absorber from abrasion and splashes and allows the energy absorber to be checked regularly.
  • Two attachment options on the belt according to the use:
    - frequent hooking/unhooking: with a carabiner held in the right position by a STRING element (supplied with the energy absorber) or with a MICRO SWIVEL to prevent twisting,
    - quasi-permanent connection: with a screw-on RING OPEN eyelet, whose round shape ensures optimal positioning, or with a SWIVEL OPEN swivel to prevent twisting.

    (1) If the maximum tolerable fall height is observed. For more information, see the tech tips on


credentials L010AA00
length 22 cm
Length with fasteners 80 to 200 cm according to the connectors (more information in the instructions for use and in the technical tips on
Weight 140g
guarantee 3 years
Packaging 1

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