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The ICE DEVICE for ice climbing.....
The NOMIC is the ultimate ice tool for ice climbing. Perfectly balanced and fitted with pick weights, it ensures excellent swing behavior. The PUR'ICE pick ensures secure placement in any ice. The design and the double handle allow you to hold the ice ax in different ways and ensure a safe holding position when changing your grip. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle and the adjustable GRIPREST finger rest, the device fits comfortably in the hand. A small hammer protects the head and allows hooks to be driven in. Thanks to its modular concept, the device can be optimized according to the intended tour.

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  • Secure Placement in Any Ice:
    - The perfectly balanced design of the ice ax ensures excellent swing behavior.
    - The curved shaft below the head makes hooking easier.
    - The tapered (3 mm) PUR'ICE pick easily penetrates even the hardest ice. Serrated top for inverted positions provides good grip.
    - Flywheel mass and impact power are optimized by the MASSELOTTE weights.
  • Comfortable handling, suitable for technical ice climbing:
    - The double handle (top and bottom) enables different holding positions and a secure grip.
    - The bottom handle is angled to protect the hand from contact with the ice and improve comfort when holding it.
    - The ergonomically designed upper handle made of two-component material offers excellent grip and protects the hand from the cold.
    - The hydroformed shaft ensures optimum grip in the middle of the shaft.
  • Full modularity thanks to the ALPEN ADAPT system:
    - Thanks to the modular head, the technical characteristics of the ice ax can be adapted to the intended tour.
    - Interchangeability of the ICE, PUR'ICE, DRY and PUR'DRY picks to adapt the ice ax to the needs of the tour (snow, ice or mixed terrain).
    - Shovel and hammer are interchangeable.
    - Supplied with MINI MARTEAU to protect the head and hammer in hooks.
    - In the weight-saving version without accessories (only 500 g), the ice ax can be used for dry tooling.
    - The ergonomically designed GRIPREST NOMIC finger rest with three adjustment positions adapts to any hand size, even when the user is wearing thick gloves. The lower section features a serrated stainless steel tip that improves grip when using the ice ax as a walking stick ax.
    - The opening in the shaft is compatible with the elastic V-LINK lanyard.


  • Hit: 1
  • Shank: 2
  • Material: aluminium, steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Certification(s): CE, UKCA, UIAA
  • Supplied with PUR'ICE pick, MASSELOTTE weights, MINI MARTEAU and GRIPREST NOMIC finger rest


credentials U021AA00
Weight 585g
guarantee 3 years
Packaging 1

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