Lenz Space Dryer 1.0 240V (EU)

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The space dryer 1.0 is ideal for drying shoes, textiles and gloves of all sizes. It is compact, flexible and quiet thanks to its two nozzles and has a housing made of sturdy plastic. The dryer is temperature-controlled and offers protection against overheating, which is why drying is particularly gentle on the material and extends the life of the products. Furthermore, bacteria and germs are deprived of their breeding ground and unpleasant odors are significantly reduced. For high shoes such as riding boots, rubber or winter boots, waders or hunting boots, an extension can also be purchased as an option.

  • dries shoes, textiles, gloves gently
  • temperature-controlled, independent of the ambient temperature
  • Protection against overheating
  • Housing made of stable plastic
  • exchangeable scent plates
  • Drying times individually adjustable (1h, 3h, 6h and continuous operation)
  • Power: 45 watts
  • Power supply: EU - 240VAC / 50Hz
  • Weight: 0.68kg
  • Dimensions: L 28.5cm x H 14cm x W 11cm
    • 1 space dryer 1.0 (240 V - EU)
    • 2 short nozzles
    • 2 fragrance tokens

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