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Easy to use, powerful and rechargeable headlamp with red light. 600 lumens

The ACTIK® with battery! The ideal rechargeable headlamp for vigorous outdoor activities into the evening hours. With its 600 lumens, the ACTIK® CORE produces a bright, comfortable light to accompany you while running, trekking or mountaineering. Its phosphorescent reflector makes it easy to find in the dark, and its red light prevents other people in the group from being dazzled. The ACTIK® CORE supplied with the CORE rechargeable battery can also be operated with three batteries thanks to the HYBRID CONCEPT

  • Light and powerful: 600 lumens at a weight of only 88 g.
  • Versatile, comfortable lighting for high-intensity activities:
    - wide, homogeneous light cone for a comfortable view in the immediate vicinity or in the area of ​​the feet,
    - combined beam of light (broad and focused) for vision in the immediate area and in the distance when moving,
    - three white light levels: MAX BURN TIME (maximum burn time), STANDARD (optimal ratio of luminosity/burn time) and MAX POWER (maximum luminosity),
    - Red continuous light to maintain the dark adaptation of the eye and not to dazzle other people; Flashing red light to indicate the user's position, e.g. in rescue situations.
  • Easy to handle:
    - a single switch for easy, quick selection of the light level or light color,
    - support plate that allows to adjust the angle of inclination of the lamp according to the needs,
    - LED indicator when turning the lamp on and off to check the remaining battery life,
    - rechargeable via micro USB connector type B,
    - phosphorescent reflector, useful to quickly find the switched off lamp even in the dark,
    - LOCK function to prevent accidental switching on during transport and when the lamp is not in use,
    - detachable, washable headband with symmetrical adjustment to facilitate adjustment,
    - reflective headband so that the user is visible even in the dark,
    - carrying case, with which the lamp can be converted into a lantern,
    - HYBRID CONCEPT: The ACTIK® CORE that comes with the CORE battery can also be powered by three AAA/LR03 batteries (not included). The lamp automatically recognizes the energy source and adjusts the light output accordingly.
    - compatible with the HELMET ADAPT and BIKE ADAPT 2 fastening systems to attach the lamp to any type of helmet or to a bicycle (1).

    (1) Attention, the lamp is not certified for use on the road: Petzl lamps do not replace the regulation bicycle lights when used in areas subject to road traffic regulations

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