HIGH TOURING course Großvenediger Kürsinger 4

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The Kürsinger 4 glacier course is all about the basics on a high-altitude tour. Everything to do with the topics: knots, maps, glacier techniques, crevasse rescue and safe walking on ice and rock. Here we have two days to practice the rescue techniques. You should bring along: Motivation and a bit of physical condition, everything else you will learn or borrow from us....

DURATION: 4 days Thursday to Sunday

Day 1: Meet at Hopffeldboden and take a taxi to Obersulzbachtal to the Kürsingerhütte cable car. From there it is about a 2-hour walk to the hut. The material cable car of the hut takes care of the transport of the heavy backpack and so we arrive relaxed at the hut. After moving into the camp, you will receive the rental equipment (crampons, harness, carabiners, etc.) if required and we will end the day with a situation check and planning for the next 2 days.

Day 2: After breakfast we set off early to make the first contact with the glacier on the Obersulzbachkees. Walking in glaciated terrain, corner stone technique and the correct handling of the pickaxe on the glacier are the first contents of the lesson. Then it's off into a crevasse to learn the right mountaineering techniques.

Day 3: The second intense day on rock and ice. Anchoring in the snow and ice as well as companion and self-rescue are on the program. Deepening and practicing, practicing, practicing these are the most important points on this day.

Day 4: At the end of the course we climb the Großvenediger. The highest Salzburg or also called the world old majesty is the Großvenediger from the north side one of the most imposing mountains in the area. Around noon we are back at the Kürsingerhütte and from there, after a little refreshment, we go back down into the valley from where we take the hut taxi to the Hopffeldboden again. The days before are also planned for the ascent, depending on how the weather develops on the days.

Services included:

- Overnight stay in a hut in the camp incl. HB

- Transfer by taxi (in and out)

- 3 packed lunches

- Material transport to the hut and back again

- Guided by a state-certified mountain guide

- Small groups up to a maximum of 7 people

Special requests (such as shared or double rooms) must be clarified with the hut in advance. There is no reception and no WiFi at the Kürsingerhütte. The material list will be sent to all participants in advance. The minimum number of participants is 5 people.

The tauern sports ALPINSCHULE team

Our guides are all state-certified mountain and ski guides and are at home in the Hohe Tauern. If you book a course or a tour with us, you are sure to have booked a professional on the mountain.

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