Hestra Leather Balm

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Our Hestra leather balm, a purely natural product, protects your sports gloves and keeps the leather from drying out. It extends the life, suppleness and water-repellent properties of the leather. Apply as needed with a polishing cloth and rub in until the leather is soaked. Please note that light-colored leather can become slightly darker. Hestra Lederbalsam is a leather care cream, not an impregnation agent. We recommend using our leather balm only for our goatskin or cowhide leather sports gloves. For the care of other types of leather, e.g. B. deer, elk, peccary, capybara and furry sheep leather, which are more commonly used for our fashion gloves, the leather balm is often not suitable. These types of leather absorb the balm very well, leaving a sticky surface and can result in a mottled look with color variations.

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