Großvenediger north ridge

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The majestic ascent to the highest Salzburg mountain is certainly one of the most beautiful tours in the Eastern Alps and every mountaineer should have done it at least once. Difficulties of up to 4 UIAA climbing grade and exposed climbing in solid rock await you....

Day 1: Meet at Hopffeldboden and take a taxi to Obersulzbachtal to the Kürsingerhütte cable car. From there it is about a 1.5 hour walk to the hut. The material cable car of the hut takes care of the transport of the heavy backpack and so we arrive relaxed at the hut. After moving into the camp, you will receive the rental equipment (crampons, harness, carabiners, etc.) if required and we will end the day with a situation check and planning of the tour.

Day 2: After breakfast we set off early to make the first contact with the glacier on the Obersulzbachkees when it gets light. Then you continue on the rope to the entrance from the north ridge of the Großvenediger to the Meynow Scharte. From there the climbing begins in easy terrain up to the last climb before the summit. The crux (also called the bad plate) was renovated a few years ago. After that, it's only a few more climbing meters to the summit and we're standing on the summit of this world-old majesty around noon. After the summit rest, it's back over the glacier to Kürsingerhütte. Packed my things back down to the cable car station and took a taxi to Hopffeldboden.

Difficulty: MEDIUM

Services included:

- Overnight stay in a hut in the camp incl. HB

- Transfer by taxi (in and out)

- Material transport to the hut and back again

- Guided by a state-certified mountain guide

Special requests (such as shared or double rooms) must be clarified with the hut in advance. There is no reception and no WiFi at the Kürsingerhütte. The material list will be sent to all participants in advance. The minimum number of participants is 5 people.

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