Edelrid Rap Line Protect Pro Dry 6mm ice mint

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Special cord made from a high-strength polyamide-aramid material mix. The special feature: this accessory cord has a dynamic reserve and withstands two standard falls based on the dynamic twin rope test according to EN 892. Due to the aramid fibers in the rope sheath, it has increased cut resistance, e.g. B. with loads over sharp edges.

  • Withstands two standard falls based on EN 892 dynamic twin rope test
  • Due to the low stretch, it is suitable for dragging material or for abseiling
  • Can be used immediately without creasing thanks to 3D lapcoiling
  • Special cord made of high-strength polyamide-aramid material mix
  • Increased cut resistance when subjected to stress, e.g. over sharp edges
  • Permanently water and dirt repellent

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