Contour hybrid mix 115mm - Universal up to 195 cm in length

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mohair blend Material offers maximum durability of the skins with good gliding properties and the hybrid Adhesive technology makes handling child's play.

Small details that make a big difference:

  • simple cut:

    With the included hybrid cutter, you can cut buttery fur. The edges remain free without having to move the skin.

  • The tailclip sits perfectly, even on rounded ski ends. For ski tails thicker than 5 mm, we recommend using the 'wide' tail clip.

cutting set including hybrid cutter, cleaning wipes and pack sack with microfibre cloth for cleaning and drying the ski base before putting on the skins.

hybrid 2-layer adhesive: hybrid is the first adhesive technology for climbing skins that is made up of two different layers. The adhesive layer reliably holds the skin to the ski base, can be easily removed, leaves no residue and works excellently even at low temperatures and when the skin has been applied several times. A second layer of adhesive creates the connection between the back of the fur and the adhesive layer. BUT: Dust, dirt and ski wax residues reduce stickiness and require cleaning of the hybrid adhesive surface. It is therefore important to regularly check the stickiness of the hybrid adhesive layer.

Tip: use this hybrid cleaning spray for stubborn dirt such as wax residue.

material 65% mohair / 35% synthetic
Glue hybrid
Fastening at the front tip fix and bracket
Fastening at the back tail clip
models for cutting up to 115 mm

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