AustriAlpin DYNA.MIT set of 8

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Cord 22 kN & OVALO carabiner ZS04RY-SET

Innovative set for alpinists, consisting of 4 core-sheath construction, extra strong accessory cords with 4 colour-coordinated OVALO screw carabiners with Gate Red marking. Facilitates handling on the mountain.

These 4 cords are part of the set: 170 cm long in black, 290 cm long in gray and red and 530 cm long in blue

The advantages:

+ Extra high strength of 22 kN in the single strand.

+ Combines the best properties of the sewn webbing sling (universal usability) and the accessory cord (can be plugged in without any problems, the length can be adjusted and knotted, hardly any moisture absorption).

+ Facilitates the choice of material for high-altitude tours and alpine terrain and, with the color concept of blue, grey, red and black, ensures clarity at the belay station and when handing over material.

+ Facilitates the structure and overview of rescue techniques.

+ Enables problem-free, organized carrying around the body thanks to perfectly adjusted lengths and coordinated colors.

+ The ends sewn to 5 cm prevent the knot from slipping out and the coat from shifting and are ideal for pinning and lengthening.


Sport climbing, alpine sports

Main Material: Dyneema

Breaking strength: 22kn

Weight: 606g

Diameter: 6mm

Lengths: 170, 2x290, 530 cm

Standard: EN 564:2015, EN 12275:2013 (B), EN 362:2004 (B), UIAA 121

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