Color: black matte
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Bigger, lighter, better, RAM. The new enduro goggles from ALPINA are a visual highlight. The independent design, the modern style and the lightness, both in terms of shape and weight, make the ALPINA RAM more than just performance glasses. With the ALPINA RAM, both men and women want to be seen. The ALPINA RAM HR QuattroflexLite (Q-LITE) V has a frame that is open at the bottom and is equipped with a Varioflex lens. The self-tinting (photochromic) lens ensures that the trail is always clearly visible, even in changing light conditions. In addition, QuattroflexLite (Q-LITE) significantly increases contrast, makes colors appear richer and ensures sharper vision. The eyes can stay focused longer, they are less stressed and more efficient in crucial moments. The ALPINA RAM can be optimally adapted to any nose using cold-formable nose pads. Together with the rubberized temples, this ensures that the sports glasses sit comfortably and securely.

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