Blue Ice Aero Ice Screws

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Color: Red 10cm
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Thanks to its 3-tip design, the innovative Aero enables particularly easy and quick screwing in. Thin screw walls reduce weight, while steel tips and steel tubing ensure long thread life. With the large diameter, these screws can be screwed into existing holes when there is no other option. The color coding indicates the screw length. Thanks to its features and construction, this ice screw is ideal for technically demanding routes where performance, durability and low weight are important.

Materials: chrome-molybdenum steel, aluminum
Color coded crank and lug for quick identification of the different lengths: ORANGE (7cm), RED (10cm - 76g), GOLD (13cm - 90g), BLUE (16cm - 100g), GRAY (19cm - 111 g), GREEN (22cm - 121g)
Stainless steel folding/unfolding crank for the tip sold with protective cap

Heavily textured crank handle for safe handling
Certifications: CE/EN 568, UIAA 151.
PPE: No returns allowed

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