Pieps First-Aid Pro

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Available as FIRST-AID PRO (filled) or as FIRST-AID SPLINT (empty).

  1. Large handle - can also be operated with gloves
  2. Two main compartments for order and overview
  3. Storage option for aluminum synthetic rail (splint)
  4. Additional small inner compartments

High-quality filling for first aid on the go:
1 x adhesive bandage, 2 x plasters, 3 x cut-stripes, 1 x tape, 2 x wound pads, 2 x blister plasters, 1 x 3-corner cloth, 1 x bandage scissors, 1 x rescue blanket, 1 x protective gloves, 1 x medical tweezers,
1 x ventilation sheet, 1 x splint

Dimensions (mm, LxWxH):
Weight (g):
Rip stop nylon

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