Augment GS World Cup Race Pro incl. R22 WC plate

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Our GS Pro Racing Ski is ready for any giant slalom race. The GS Pro Race is a copy of our World Cup FIS GS Ski. It is equipped with a wider geometry, which maximizes stability and edge grip.

Mounted with MARKER WC Interface 10mm plate.

Surname radius Page shape Weight
GS PRO 176 18 113 / 68 / 97 1.775g
GS PRO 181 21 107 / 68 / 92 1.800g
GS PRO 185 25 106 / 68 / 91 2.025g

Weight per ski in grams. Due to different production cycles, the weight may vary slightly.

PCM Prepreg Compression Moulding
Sandwich torsion frame
Polyamide racing surface
Ash/poplar wood core reinforced with Titanal & Phenol
Racing steel edges
P-Tex racing surface

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